Sentence Examples

  • The disparity between dressy casual and office wear may seem slight to the layperson, but to the trained fashionista it makes all the difference between jeans with a Twill22 jacket to button-up shirts with a Theory pencil skirt.
  • Even if your daughter is a budding fashionista, she may still love the vintage styling and feel great about how she looks in such a suit, while you can feel comfortable that she still looks appropriate for her age.
  • Regardless of whether the look is aviator, supermodel walking the runway, or you are in a mood to wear your sunglasses at night to show your socialite fashionista side, Cavalli has something for you.
  • As important as it is for a fashionista to look fabulous, when it comes to sunglasses, both quality and the ability to properly protect your eyes should be considered first when shopping around.
  • If you're a budget-conscious fashionista scouring eBay for deals on high-end European footwear, you'll need to know how to spot fake Louis Vuitton shoes before you reach for your credit card.