Sentence Examples

  • The crusaders appealed to Innocent to ratify the subjugation of a schismatic people, and the union of the Eastern and Western Churches; and Innocent, dazzled by the magic of the fait accompli, not unwillingly acquiesced.
  • This became all the more apparent as his own health failed during 1907; for, though he was obliged to leave much of the leadership in the Commons to Mr Asquith, his possible resignation of the premiership was strongly deprecated; and even after November, when it became clear that his health was not equal to active work, four or five months elapsed before the necessary change became a fait accompli.
  • He is there described as "Walwen qui fait haud degener Arturis ex sorore nepos."
  • I just decided it was a fait accompli and we might as well address the situation as best we can.
  • In this way we may return to the view that the First Crusade, at any rate, was fait ecclesiastique.