Sentence Examples

  • The urodaeum serves only as a passage, the urine being mixed with the faeces in the chamber above.
  • (A and B from Lankester's Treatise on Zoology, part iv., C original.) of proglottides or of eggs which are disseminated along with the faeces of the final host and subsequently eaten by herbivorous or omnivorous mammals, insects, worms, molluscs or fish.
  • Discharges - vomited matters, sputa, urine and faeces - are possible media by which plague is spread from person to person.
  • It was also shown that animals may become infected through the faeces of a flea which has been fed on plague-infected rats.
  • The greater part of a dose of quinine sulphate administered by the mouth may be recovered, as a rule, from the faeces, this being much the most wasteful method of giving quinine.

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