Sentence Examples

  • During the civil war he fought on the side of Otho against Vitellius, and obtained a considerable success against Aulus Caecina Alienus (one of the Vitellian generals) near Cremona, but did not follow it up. When Caecina had been joined by Fabius Valens, Paulinus advised his colleagues not to risk a decisive battle, but his advice was disregarded, and Otho (q.v.) was utterly defeated at Bedriacum.
  • After two great victories at Tigranocerta (69) and Artaxata (68), Lucullus was disconcerted by mutiny and the defeat of his lieutenant Fabius (see LucULrus).
  • Fabius; the Samnites captured it again in 311, but it must have been retaken at an unknown date.
  • Fabius Pictor (see Fabius Pictor); contemporary with him was L.
  • Like Fabius Pictor, he wrote in Greek.

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