Sentence Examples

  • From the 1 0th century onwards the art of landscape gardening steadily grew into a science, with esoteric as well as exoteric aspects, and with a special vocabulary.
  • And even in 1877 he allowed that "in a religion that embraces large and separate classes of adherents there always is of necessity to a certain extent an exoteric and an esoteric doctrine."
  • The belief in the All-Father in south-eastern Australia is concealed from the women and children who, at most, know his exoteric name, often meaning " Our Father," and is revealed only to the initiate, among whom are a very few white men, like Howitt.
  • Of this process, this self-generation of God, we may distinguish two aspects - the immanent or esoteric, and the emanent or exoteric. God has reality only in so far as He is absolute spirit, and only in so far as the primitive will is conscious of itself can it become spirit at all.
  • This implies that the whole of Western theology has been an aberration or an exoteric veiling of the truth.'

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