Sentence Examples

  • His most important work was 11Epi cuo ew (De natura), of which considerable fragments are extant (chiefly in Simplicius); it is possible that he wrote also Against the Sophists and On the Nature of Man, to which the well-known fragment about the veins would belong; possibly these discussions were subdivisions of his great work.
  • The more complete recension bears the title ew,ua 'IvpafXLTov I tXoaocov pr)Ta Eis Ta lrac&uca Tou Kvpiov, and treats of the period from the 7th to the 12th year (Tischendorf, Evangelia Apocryphal, 1876, 140-157).
  • This usage brought in its train another - the use of J,/, not for as in Ionic, but for in the name A A EW A CO RA ='AX aybpa, and similarly in Melos,.
  • The " plan of campaign " was not his work, still less its latest and most remark-?,eW able exploit.
  • Weida;'e N ew ' .