Sentence Examples

  • MICHEL EUGENE CHEVREUL (1786-1889), French chemist, was born, on the 31st of August 1786, at Angers, where his father was a physician.
  • Nevertheless, he became more anxious than ever to emancipate himself from French thraldom, and his first sign of independence was his visit to Venice in 1687, where he conferred on political affairs with Prince Eugene of Savoy and other personages, without consulting Louis.
  • At first the French were successful and captured several Piedmontese fortresses, but after besieging Turin, which was skilfully defended by the duke, for several months, they were completely defeated by Victor and Prince Eugene of Savoy (1706), and eventually driven out of the other towns they had captured.
  • While it is best known for the great victory gained by Marlborough and Eugene over the French under Vendome in 1708, Oudenarde has many features of interest.
  • The French army under the duke of Burgundy and Marshal Vendome, after an abortive attempt to invest Oudenarde, took up a defensive position north of the town when Marlborough and Eugene, after a forced march, arrived with the main Allied army.

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