Sentence Examples

  • The process of etymological change, as given by Steinthal, was this.
  • It is never preserved except when protected by the non-etymological I already spoken of (lie girt or llegt, but never liegsn); the r reappears, nevertheless, whenever the infinitive is followed by a pronoun (donarme, d-irho).
  • Eureni, firent), may be regarded as truly etymological, or rather as a result of the assimilation of these perfects to the perfects known as weak (amiron), for there are dialectic forms having the accent on the radical, such as dixon, hizon.
  • As regards the pronoun, mention must be made of the non-etymological forms of the personal rn/rn and of the feminine possessive minha, where the second n has been brought in by the initial nasal.
  • This work in twenty-one books (KaOoXLKit 7rpocrcp5La) included also an account of the etymological part of grammar.

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