Sentence Examples

  • Dieckmann, Ber., 1894, 27, pp. 103, 2 475): CH 2 CH 2 CH2 CO,R CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 C02R 7->CH2 CH2C O by the action of sodium ethylate on 3-ketonic acids (D.
  • Kerp, Ann., 1896, 290, p. 123): CH2 C(CH3) 3CH3 CO CH3-(CHa)2C? ??CH CH 2 COQ by the condensation of succinic acid with sodium ethylate, followed by saponification and elimination of carbon dioxide:- 2C2H4(COzH) C 2 - H2 CH 2 CO CO.
  • CH 2 CH 2 ' and from the condensation of ethyl oxalate with esters of other dibasic acids in presence of sodium ethylate (W.
  • 4, which is obtained as its ester by the action of sodium or sodium ethylate on succinic ester (H.
  • With alcohol it forms lithium ethylate, LiOC 2 H 6, with liberation of hydrogen.

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