Sentence Examples

  • Sclater' was the first to divide the world into a few great " regions," the Palaearctic, Ethiopian, Indian and Australian forming one group, the " Old World " (Palaeogaea); and the Nearctic and Neotropical forming a second, the New World (Neogaea).
  • To these belong the apocalypses in Arabic, Ethiopian and perhaps also in Syrian, preserved in the so-called Liber Clementis discipuli S.
  • Our first knowledge of it is at this moment, when the Ethiopian king Pankhi already held the Thebais.
  • The energetic prince of Sais, Tefnakht, followed by most of the princes of the Delta, subdued most of Middle Egypt, and by uniting these forces threatened the Ethiopian border.
  • According to Diodorus the Ethiopian state was theocratic, ruled through the 1 ~ng by the priests of Ammon.

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