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  • 2 Furthermore, the sharp warning against errorists and heretics (xvi.
  • (2) As to the speculation of the errorists, it is replied that it is explicable in the lifetime of Paul, that some of the elements of it may have their source in pre-Christian Jewish theories, and that recourse to the developed gnosticism of the 2nd century is unnecessary.
  • At this point the letter suddenly swerves' into a passionate warning against some errorists of Judaism (iii.
  • The errorists developed speculations and practical theories on the basis of the Old Testament law, which proved extremely seductive to many Christians.
  • The Ophites are said to have not only used myths but forbidden marriage and held that the resurrection was purely spiritual (Lightfoot); this, however, is probably no more than an interesting coincidence, and all attempts to identify the errorists definitely must be abandoned.'

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