Sentence Examples

  • This quotient is called the change of entropy, and may be denoted by (4,"-0').
  • In passing along an adiabatic there is no change of entropy, since no heat is absorbed.
  • The adiabatics are lines of constant entropy, and are also called Isentropics.
  • In virtue of relations (2), the change of entropy of a substance between any two states depends only on the initial and final states, and may be reckoned along any reversible path, not necessarily isothermal, by dividing each small increment of heat, dH, by the temperature, 0, at which it is acquired, and taking the sum or integral of the quotients, dH/o, so obtained.
  • (29) (30) The expression for the change of entropy between any two states is found by dividing either of the expressions for dH in (8) by 0 and integrating between the given limits, since dH/B is a perfect differential.

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