Sentence Examples

  • A violent reaction ensues with phosphorus and sulphur, and many metals are oxidized by it, some with incandescence.
  • Sometimes the rains fail altogether, and then a drought (secca) ensues, causing famine and pestilence throughout the entire region.
  • There is set up at once a certain hydrostatic pressure, due to the turgidity which ensues upon such absorption, and the extensible cell wall stretches, at first in all directions.
  • As the sentence is about to be carried into execution Lancelot and his kinsmen come to her rescue, but in the fight that ensues many of Arthur's knights, including three of Gawain's brothers, are slain.
  • In it the oils at 35° C. are stirred with concentrated alkali in an iron or wooden tub, whereupon saponification ensues with a development of some heat; the mixture being well agitated.

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