Sentence Examples

  • Sub-class Endopterygota Order Neuroptera.
  • In this view we are confirmed by the impossibility of deriving the Endopterygota from any living order of Exopterygota.
  • In all the remaining orders of the Endopterygota the larva is eruciform or vermiform.
  • They differ from other Endopterygota in the multiplication of their Malpighian tubes, and from all other Hexapoda in the union of the first abdominal segment with the thorax.
  • Sharp (1898), the marked divergence among the Hexapoda, as regards life-history, is between insects whose wings develop outside the cuticle (Exopterygota) and those whose wings develop inside the cuticle (Endopterygota), becoming visible only when the casting of the last larval cuticle reveals the pupa.

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