Sentence Examples

  • - in a mood of encyclopaedist enlightenment - summoned it.
  • VINCENT OF BEAUVAIS, or Vincentius Bellovacensis (c. 1190 - c. 1264), the encyclopaedist of the middle ages, was probably a native of Beauvais.'
  • There is no evidence to show that the Vincent who was sub-prior of this foundation in 1246 is the encyclopaedist; nor indeed is it likely that a man of such abnormally studious habits could have found time to attend to the daily business routine of a monastic establishment.
  • The word encyclopaedist fits Damiao de Goes, a diplomatist, traveller, humanist and bosom friend of Erasmus.
  • It is not till we come to Aristotle - the encyclopaedist of the ancient world - that we find a demarcation of the different philosophic disciplines corresponding, in the main, to that still current.

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