Sentence Examples

  • A comparison Linguistic ever, occupied the greater part of lands both north and south of Panama; the others were encysted in the territory of the prevailing families, or concealed in cols-de-sac of the mountains.
  • In this condition they remain encysted as immature flukes until eaten by their final host.
  • Here it becomes encysted, and is nourished by the exudations of the fish.
  • The adult worm, which is of extremely minute size, the male being only Fi l sth and the female s of an inch in length inhabits the alimentary canal of man and many other carnivorous mammalia; the young bore their way into the tissues and become encysted in the muscles - within the muscle-bundles according to Leuckart, but in the connective tissue between them according to Chatin and others.
  • Here it becomes encysted, and losing its boring apparatus and claw-bearing processes remains for a time quiescent.