Sentence Examples

  • These, together with values of nt 2 N for cylindrical rods, and of N and m 2 N for ellipsoids of revolution, are given in the following useful table (loc. cit.
  • The magnetometric method, except when employed in connexion with ellipsoids, for which the demagnetizing factors are [[[Magnetic Measurements]] accurately known, is generally less satisfactory for the exact determination of induction or magnetization than the ballistic method.
  • Legendre, in 1783, extended Maclaurin's theorem concerning ellipsoids of revolution to the case of any spheroid of revolution where the attracted point, instead of being limited to the axis or equator, occupied any position in space; and Laplace, in his treatise Theorie du mouvement et de la figure elliptique des planetes (published in 1784), effected a still further generalization by proving, what had been suspected by Legendre, that the theorem was equally true for any confocal ellipsoids.
  • A system of confocal ellipsoids is taken y2 (3) a 2 +X b 2 +X c2 + A= I, and a velocity function of the form = x1 P, (4) where 4' is a function of X only, so that 4) is constant over an ellipsoid; and we seek to determine the motion set up, and the form of >G which will satisfy the equation of continuity.
  • The continuity is secured if the liquid between two ellipsoids X and X 11 moving with the velocity U and 15 1 of equation (II), is squeezed out or sucked in across the plane x=o at a rate equal to the integral flow of the velocity I across the annular area a l.