Sentence Examples

  • At heights from 1500 to 6000 metres his observations agreed well with the formula dV/dh= 34 - o o06 h, V denoting the potential, h the height in metres.
  • Linke's mean value for dV/dh at the ground was 125.
  • If V be the potential, p the density of free electricity at a point in the atmosphere, at a distance r from the earth's centre, then assuming statical conditions and neglecting variation of V in horizontal directions, we have r2 (d/dr) (r 2 dV/dr) - - 4.rp = o.
  • In section, and suppose it cut by equipotential surfaces at heights h i and h 2 above the ground, we have for the total charge M included in the specified portion of the tube 47rM = (dV/dh)h i - (dV/dh)h2.
  • .r6v0E/Dv, allholy, from 'Tit's, all, and BE6s god), the name of two buildings in Rome and Paris respectively; more generally, the name of any building in which as a mark of honour the bodies of the nation's famous men are buried, or "memorials" or monuments to them are placed.

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