Sentence Examples

  • Whether you're purchasing replacement items or simply downsizing, it's certainly a good idea to make the pieces that you no longer need available to purchasers who are looking to meet their own home furnishing needs at affordable prices.
  • However, couples need to consider and balance their own desires with those of friends and family members, and it's always possible to compromise on price or display by downsizing a cake or including a more basic dessert as well.
  • Career changes among boomers are often brought on out of economic necessity - either as a result of downsizing, company closings, or technological changes that lead to positions or skill sets become obsolete.
  • Indeed, income from a reverse mortgage loan may be enough to allow seniors to continue residing independently within their own homes instead of moving in with family or downsizing to a smaller residence.
  • This was the favorite Victorian depiction of fairies, tiny beings that delighted the eye but were impossible to catch.This downsizing of the Fae Folk was perhaps a result of Victorian Empiricism.