Sentence Examples

  • In religious meetings, to eat the dominical or Lord's Supper, but that this aim was frustrated by some who ate up their provisions before others, so that the poor were left hungry while the rich got drunk; and the meetings were animated less by a spirit of brotherhood and charity than of division and faction.
  • The contrast lay between the Dominical Supper or food and drink shared unselfishly by all with all, and the private supper, the feast of Dives, shamelessly gorged under the eyes of timid and shrinking Lazarus.
  • Even benefit societies were feared and forbidden by the Roman autocrats, and the " dominical suppers " of the Christians were not likely to be spared.
  • He speaks of the dominical host (hostia), and takes the verb to do in Paul's letter in the sense of to sacrifice.
  • The Letter Which Denotes Sunday Is Called The Dominical Letter, Or The Sunday Letter; And When The Dominical Letter Of The Year Is Known, The Letters Which Respectively Correspond To The Other Days Of The Week Become Known At The Same Time.

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