Sentence Examples

  • In its gorgeous colours the opah surpasses even the dolphins, all the fins being of a bright scarlet.
  • The Cetacea, which frequent these southern waters, are represented by four species - two dolphins and the sperm and right whale - and the Phocidae by six species, one of which (Phoca lupina) differs but little from the common seal.
  • Sea-lions, seals and dolphins are a source of profit.
  • But the Zacynthians have a special sea god, half man, half fish, who dwells under the sea, rides on dolphins or in a car drawn by dolphins, and wields a trident.
  • It is not unlikely that such changes have in past time occurred; and if so an explanation is afforded of the occurrence of allied forms of freshwater dolphins (Platanista) and of many other animals in the two rivers and in the Brahmaputra.

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