Sentence Examples

  • The methodists agreed with the empirics in one point, in their contempt for anatomy; but, strictly speaking, they were dogmatists, though with a dogma different from that of the Hippocratic school.
  • He belonged, in many respects, to the Dogmatists or Rational School, rather than to the Empirics.
  • By Descartes the principle was used as an instrument of scepticism, the beneficent scepticism of pulling down medieval philosophy to make room for modern science; by Berkeley it was used to combat the materialists; by Hume in the cause of scepticism once more against the intellectual dogmatists; by Kant to prepare a justification for a noumenal sphere to be apprehended by faith; by J.
  • It might have been best to surrender the term " dogma " to the dogmatists; but few scholars have consented to do so.
  • Again, Harnack gravely differs from Catholic dogmatists in assigning a historical origin to what in their view is essentially divine - supernatural in origin, supernatural even in its declaration by the church.