Sentence Examples

  • Since 1875 the expenditure of the state has passed through considerable fluctuations- It reached its maximum in 1883, descended E dl- in 1888 and 1889, and since then has continuously inxpeft creased.
  • But, in spite of the sympathy of the king, Dl e attempt to raise armed bands in Venetia had no success, and wa became clear that the foreigner could only be driven from the of ninsula by regular war.
  • Modern science, however, has indicated a line of physical separation along the channel between Borneo and Celebes, called the Straits of Macassar, which follows approximately 120° E., to the west dl which the flora.
  • Ziada dl %.'?,r lrydL er lo rt Gallia ?
  • In terms of dl, d 2, d 3, ..., products denoting successive operations, by the same law which expresses the ele mentary function a s in terms of the sums of powers s l, s 2, s3,...

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