Sentence Examples

  • In 1885 a voyage was made by Captain Delanneau In 1816 James McQueen correctly divined that there was a great west-flowing tributary (the Benue) to the Niger, and that after its confluence the river ran south to the Atlantic. See his View of Northern Central Africa (1821) and Geographical Survey of Africa (1840).
  • He pronounced for the doubling of the third estate without deciding as to the vote by head, yet leaving it to be divined that he preferred the vote by order.
  • Charles Messier (1730-1817) had catalogued in 1781 103 nebulae; Herschel discovered 2500, laid down the lines of their classification, divined the laws of their distribution, and assigned their place in a scheme of development.
  • Whatever secrecy they might observe, the adherents of the Revolution divined their wish to escape.
  • He had always divined by the instinct of hatred that the French moderates must gradually be swept away by the Jacobins, and now it was all coming true.

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