Sentence Examples

  • Whately defined it as "a conditional syllogism with two or more antecedents in the major and a disjunctive minor."
  • In ordinary algebra we have the disjunctive law that if ab = o, then either a = o or b= o.
  • You and I are men, or hypothetical, or disjunctive, &c.
  • But even Sigwart's errors are outdone by Lotze, who not only reduces " Every NI is P " so " If S is M, S is P," but proceeds to reduce this hypothetical to the disjunctive, " If S is NI, S is P L or P 2 or 1 33, " and finds fault with the Aristotelian syllogism because it contents itself with inferring " S is P " without showing what P. Now there are occasions when we want to reason in this disjunctive manner, to consider whether S is I n or P 2 or P 3, and to conclude that " S is a particular P "; but ordinarily all we want to know is that " S is P "; e.g.
  • It is not syllogism because it is based on the disjunctive, not on the hypothetical relation, and so extends horizontally where syllogism strikes vertically downward.

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