Sentence Examples

  • This last region is divided into five agencies: Dir, Swat and Chitral, with headquarters at Malakand; Khyber, Kurram, Tochi and Wana.
  • The grotip cr gives ur, just like dr (jaure, jacre; naure, nocCre; plaure, placdre; but facere, dicer e, d u c e r e, make far (fer), dir, dun.
  • Ses formed upon the persons of the plural, while continental Catalan says ets (anciently est), as also, in the plural, scm, seu, instead of som, sou, are noted; tenere has passed over to the conjugation in re (trenda=tendre), but it is at the same time true that in ordinary Catalan also we have hindrer alongside of tenir the habitual form; dicere gives not dir but diure, which is more regular.
  • To the north is an intervening watershed between Bajour and the small state of Dir; and it is over this watershed and through the valley of Dir that the new road from Malakand and the Punjab runs to Chitral.
  • Jandol, one of the northern valleys of Bajour, has ceased to be of political importance since the failure of its chief, Umra Khan, to appropriate to himself Bajour, Dir, and a great part of the Kunar valley.

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