Sentence Examples

  • It possesses the five vowels a, i, u, e, o, both short and long, and one pure diphthong, au.
  • The diphthong ai is 1 K.
  • A hard-and-fast rule of pronunciation is that only vowel or diphthong sounds, or the letters" m," n," ng," k," t "and" p "are permissible at the end of words, and hence the final letter of all words ending in anything else is simply suppressed or is pronounced as though it were a letter naturally producing one or other of those sounds.
  • Thus the long i in ride, wine, &c., has become the diphthong ai, and the name of the symbol I is itself so pronounced.
  • Yet at Corinth alongside LC` "3, which is found for the so-called spurious diphthong a (i.e.

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