Sentence Examples

  • The 19th series (1845) contains an account of his brilliant discovery of the rotation of the plane of polarized light by transparent dielectrics placed in a magnetic field, a relation which established for the first time a practical connexion between the phenomena of electricity and light.
  • An immediate deduction from Maxwell's theory was that in transparent dielectrics, the dielectric constant or specific inductive capacity should be numerically equal to the square of the refractive index for very long electric waves.
  • 3 Kerr also discovered that when certain homogeneous dielectrics were submitted to electric strain, they became birefringent (Phil.
  • Residual Charges in Dielectrics.-In close connexion with this lies the phenomenon of residual charge in dielectrics.
  • It has been shown that this behaviour of dielectrics can be imitated by a mechanical model consisting of a series of perforated pistons placed in a tube of oil with spiral springs between each piston.

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