Sentence Examples

  • The most complete study of John of Salisbury is the monograph by C. Schaarschmidt, Johannes Sarisberiensis nach Leben and Studien, Schriften and Philosophie, 1862, which is a model of accurate and complete workmanship. See also the article in the Dict.
  • Handbook of Bronzes (1877); King, Orfevrerie et ouvrages en metal du moyen age (1852-1854); Hefner-Alteneck, Serrurerie du moyen age (1869); Viollet-le-duc, Dict.
  • P.C. Scotland; Foxe's Acts and Monuments; Hay Fleming's Martyrs and Confessors of St Andrews; Cramond's Truth about Wishart (1898); and Dict.
  • Also the Works of John Strype; the Publications of the Parker Society; the Calendar of State Papers, Domestic; and the Dict.
  • " Theodoret," in HerzogHauck's Realencykl.; Venables's article in Smith and Wace's Dict.