Sentence Examples

  • Combined with opium it is an efficient remedy in diabetes insipidus.
  • The first scientific attempt to employ portions of raw organs in the treatment of disease was made by Lauder Brunton in diabetes in 1873, sixteen years before Brown-Sequard's paper on the effect of testicular juice.
  • It is said to be increased in saccharine diabetes and to be greatly diminished in starvation and wasting diseases.
  • In diabetes this organ seems to play a part which is not yet precisely determined; and one fell disease at least has been traced to a violent access of inflammation of this organ, caused perhaps by entry of foreign matters into its duct.
  • From considering the nature of diabetes, he had come to the conclusion that many cases were due to imperfect oxidation of sugar in the body; that this oxidation was normally carried out by a ferment in the muscles, and that probably the disease was in some cases dependent upon absence of the ferment.