Sentence Examples

  • The effects produced by desiccating agencies are beyond all comparison more powerful than those which result from the earthquakes that are so frequent in Turkestan.
  • The acid is extremely hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere with great rapidity; hence it finds considerable application as a desiccating agent.
  • During the dry season, when the climate is very much like that of the West Indies, there occur terrible tornadoes and long periods of the harmattan - a north-east wind, dry and desiccating, and carrying with it from the Sahara clouds of fine dust, which sailors designate "smokes."
  • The anhydrous salt is very hygroscopic, and hence finds application as a desiccating agent.
  • The time taken in seasoning wood by this desiccating process is not more than one-tenth of that occupied in the natural or open-air method.

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