Sentence Examples

  • Part of the company's collection for men, Terra Firma Naturals Sport deodorant, which was recently reformulated to protect against odor even more strongly, is full of antioxidants that actually boost your health, rather than compromise it.
  • Once you've removed all of your underarm hair, pat your armpits dry and wait several minutes prior to applying your anti-perspirant or deodorant to avoid chemical reactions or painful stings on this sensitive area.
  • Available in four scents (vanilla lavender, pure vanilla, vanilla coconut and vanilla grapefruit), this deodorant is a bit pricey at $18 but may be worth the peace of mind for some consumers.
  • For a young girl or boy, this means taking more time to clean the body, especially the sexual organs, to treat acne, use mouthwash for bad breath, and deodorant for stronger body odor.
  • If you need to control scent and sweat but don't want to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals, Terra Firma Naturals Sport deodorant is an excellent option worth your consideration.