Sentence Examples

  • It is a basalt stele inscribed in hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek with a decree of the priests assembled at Memphis in favour of Ptolemy V.
  • Some are in Greek and demotic, and one, of peculiar interest from the chemical point of view, gives a number of receipts, in Greek, for the manipulation of base metals to form alloys which simulate gold and are intended to be used in the manufacture of imitation jewellery.
  • Besides the ritual and religious rolls, there are the hieratic, civil and literary documents, and the demotic and enchorial papyri, relating generally to sales of property.
  • Brugsch's services to Egyptology are most important, particularly in the decipherment of demotic and the making of a vast hieroglyphicdemotic dictionary (1867-1882).
  • (Physcon) demotic contracts are particularly abundant, but they cease entirely after the first century of Roman rule.

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