Sentence Examples

  • The name is extended to include the sing-sing or defassa waterbuck (C. def assa), a wides p read species, without the white ring on the buttocks, and represented by several local races, one of which is foxy red while a second is greyish.
  • Now the cellular pathology of the blood, investigated by the aid of modern staining methods, is as important as that of the solid organs; no clinical investigator - indeed, apart from research, no practitioner at this day - can dispense with examination of the blood for purposes of diagnosis; its coagulability and the kinds and the variations of the cells it contains being evidence of many def i nitely morbid states of the body.
  • DEF, is termed a " secant "; if it touches the circle, e.g.
  • 2) 100.0 The constitution and properties of such a series of cast irons, all containing 4% of carbon but with that carbon shifting pro o v,,3 950 R portion of ferrite and cementite respectively in the matrix, DEF, KS and TU reproduced from fig.