Sentence Examples

  • The promissione ducale was binding on the doge and his family, and could be, and frequently was, altered at each new election, a commission, Inquisitori sopra it doge def unto, being appointed to scrutinize the actions of the deceased doge and to add to the new oath whatever provisions they thought necessary to reduce the dogeship to the position of a mere figurehead in the state.
  • Now the cellular pathology of the blood, investigated by the aid of modern staining methods, is as important as that of the solid organs; no clinical investigator - indeed, apart from research, no practitioner at this day - can dispense with examination of the blood for purposes of diagnosis; its coagulability and the kinds and the variations of the cells it contains being evidence of many def i nitely morbid states of the body.
  • - A, reproductive system of Amphilina foliacea: a, glandular pit; b, opening of uterus; b', uterus (black); c, yolk-gland and its duct; d, ovary; e, e', opening and duct of vagina; f, spermotheca; g, male genital opening (gonopore); h, penis; i, vas def erens; j, testes; k, shell-gland.
  • DEF, is termed a " secant "; if it touches the circle, e.g.
  • 2) 100.0 The constitution and properties of such a series of cast irons, all containing 4% of carbon but with that carbon shifting pro o v,,3 950 R portion of ferrite and cementite respectively in the matrix, DEF, KS and TU reproduced from fig.

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