Sentence Examples

  • On the Jewish Decalogue, for instance, follows the law, and on the law the rabbinical schools.
  • See further articles, Aaron; Decalogue; Hebrew Religion; Levites.
  • The fuller titles of the ark originate in the belief that it contained the "covenant" (berith) or "testimony" (`eduth), the technical terms for the Decalogue; primarily, however, it would seem to have been called "the ark of Yahweh" (or "Elohim"), or simply "the ark."
  • As catechist at his college he read lectures on the Decalogue, which, both on their delivery and on their publication (in 1630), created much interest.
  • (including the decalogue - in its original, terser form, without the explanatory additions now attached to several of the commandments - and the collection of laws, known as the " Book of the Covenant," in xxi.

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