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  • (b) Two thin lenses in contact: let 4) i and 4) 2 be the powers corresponding to the lenses of refractive indices n i and n 2 and radii r' 1, r" i, and r' 2, r" 2 respectively; let 4) denote the total power, and dc/), 2 the changes of 4), n l, and n 2 with the colour.
  • Whom the most notable were Zenon dc Somadevila, marquis of Ensenada, and Richard Wall, an Irish Jacobite, carried on the work of financial and administrative reform.
  • As the three molars and (almost invariably) the first premolar of the permanent series have no predecessors, the typical milk-dentition would be expressed as follows: di, dc i, dm 3 =28.
  • Firmatio Cartarum (less accurately called the statute The Dc Tallagio non concedendo) marked a distinct advance Con firbeyond the theories of Magna Carta; for the latter, natio Carhad been drawn up before England possessed a parlia- t4rum.
  • Pole was impeached on a groundthe kings less charge of corruption and condemned, but Richard favor- at once pardoned him and restored him to favor, Dc ftes.

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