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  • (b) Two thin lenses in contact: let 4) i and 4) 2 be the powers corresponding to the lenses of refractive indices n i and n 2 and radii r' 1, r" i, and r' 2, r" 2 respectively; let 4) denote the total power, and dc/), 2 the changes of 4), n l, and n 2 with the colour.
  • They reached the trendy teahouse in the wealthy section of DC, Hannah still talking about Paris fashions.
  • His favourite expression for the universal is "quod de pluribus natum est praedicari " (a translation of Aristotle, Dc interpretatione, 7), which would seem to point to a real or objective counterpart of the products of our thought; and the traditional definitions of Boetius, whom he frequently quotes, support the same view of the concept as gathered from a number of individuals in virtue of a real resemblance.
  • The value of C for an annular aperture of radius r and width dr is thus dC =271-Jo(Pp)pdp, (12).
  • The velocity past the surface of the sphere is dC r sin 0 dy 2U (2r+ a 2) r sin g z U sin e, when r =a; (20) so that the loss of head is (!

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