Sentence Examples

  • - Flower of Datura sanguinea visited by humming-bird Docirnastes ensiferus.
  • STRAMONIUM, in medicine, a drug obtained from the leaves and seeds of the Datura stramonium.
  • 52); or along with the corolla, as in Ranunculus, and is deciduous; or it remains after flowering (persistent) as in Labiatae, Scrophulariaceae, and Boraginaceae; or its base only is persistent, as in Datura Stramonium.
  • At other times they are vertical, as in Datura, where the ovary, in place of being two-celled, becomes four-celled; in Cruciferae, where the prolongation of the placentas forms a vertical partition; in Astragalus and Thespesia, where the dorsal suture is folded inwards; and in Oxytropis, where the ventral suture is folded inwards.

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