Sentence Examples

  • This theory is clearly stated by Cranmer: " In the New Testament he that is appointed bishop or priest needed no consecration, by the Scripture, for election or appointment thereto is sufficient."2 This view, widely held among modern scholars, has strong support in the fact that the words used for ordination in the first three centuries (xaporov€ v, xaOcvTav€CV, «Afpova9at, constituere, ordinare) also expressed appointment to civil office.
  • We obtain Cv = z (n +3) R /J m.
  • CV; and therefore the area of the figure bounded by AK, BL, KL and the arc AB, is KL.
  • The energy stored up in the jar in joules is expressed by the value of CV 2, where C is the capacity measured in farads and V the potential difference of the coatings in volts.
  • If the capacity C is reckoned in microfarads then the energy storage is equal to CV 2 /2 X 19 6 joules or 0.737 CV 2 / 2 X 10 6 foot-pounds.

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