Sentence Examples

  • If you want the receiver to feel like they can pull out the lingerie you chose for them any day of the week, any time of year, you're going to want to stay away from the cutesy Santa-inspired outfits.
  • You can use tribal designs to suggest the image of a fairy without being blatant or too cutesy about it if that isn't your style, or you could place a fairy in the center of a standard tribal motif.
  • A deeply romantic card may be awkward to send to someone you've only just begun dating, while a cutesy, best friend style card may be disappointing if you are in a more committed relationship.
  • Look for some cutesy funny Christmas saying to include in the card that doesn't reference any sort of inside joke or have dry humor that not everyone will understand.
  • There is lots of blood and gore, which isn't typical of a Nintendo game, but it is a welcome and unique style to the currently library of cutesy and party games.