Sentence Examples

  • + ?- 1, _,a, - oit - et_ � es aG - C �, vr - th%r Q.nv ' '1 oC p [1:9 � Zkio Cv s o o � s oK I 1 de oK � �K �, P T °`a Cyprian Inscription (4th century B.C.) from Curium (British Museum Excavations, p. 64).
  • The Greek colonists traced their descent, at Curium, from Argos; at Lapathus, from Laconia; at Paphos, from Arcadia; at Salamis, from the Attic island of that name; and at Soli, also from Attica.
  • The settlements at Paphos and Salamis, and probably at Curium, were believed to date from the period of the Trojan War, i.e.
  • Sargon's inscription at Citium is cuneiform.4 The culture and art of Cyprus in this Graeco-Phoenician period are well represented by remains from Citium, Idalium, Tamassus, Amathus and Curium; the earlier phases are best represented round Lapathus, Soli, Paphos and Citium; the later Hellenization, at Amathus and Marion-Arsinoe.
  • 13 The principal Greek cities were now Salamis, Curium, Paphos, Marion, Soli, Kyrenia and Khytri.