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  • This is the first case in which the pollen-bearing organs of a Ptoridosperm have been identified with certainty It will be seen that, while the seeds of Lyginodendron were of an advanced Cycadean type, the microsporangiate organs were more like those of a Fern, the reproductive organs thus showing the same combination of characters which appears in the vegetative ct pc. A, Micropylar region.
  • V%11 C o G a a4 1 ¢t'?Ct .:1,t c. ?
  • (2) (3) (2) (3) CH CHC(C02H):CH (i)CH 3 C(?CT-1(4), (r)HO 2 C CH ?
  • Z', the distal, and Z 2, the proximal or intracalicular portion of the zooid; ec, ectoderm; ct, coenenchymal tubes; sp, superficial network of solenia.
  • The continuous spectrum leads to no inference, except that of the temperature of the central globe; but the multitude of dark lines by which it is crossed reveal the elements composing pe ct rum o the truly gaseous cloaks which enclose it.

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