Sentence Examples

  • A special request for an Elmo cake is also something for a decorator to celebrate, since specialty manufactured molds and cake supplies make it a cinch to build and customize any cake that features the friendly red critter.
  • You don't have to attend a convention to show your respect for the Federation, although you're certainly welcome to do so, just try a tribble purr or some other alien critter speak.
  • I grabbed a rubber band and secured the button on my controller for a few hours while my characters constantly sucked magic out of a helpless critter.
  • But having a shirt imprinted is a way of carrying your dog with you all day, or a method of making a tiny little critter even more appealing at home.
  • Note that the little critter happens to have a very long tail, and it is not detachable - something to keep in mind if you're easily alarmed.