Sentence Examples

  • Broad, and consist of crenellated walls from 25 to 36 ft.
  • Kairawan, in shape an irregular oblong, is surrounded by a crenellated brick wall with towers and bastions and five gates.
  • At the top. The terre-plein is well and smoothly paved, and is defended by a crenellated parapet.
  • P p g Halevy went north-eastward to El Madid, a town of 5000 inhabitants and the capital of the small district of Nihm; thence crossing a plateau, where he saw the ruins of numerous crenellated towers, he reached the village of Mijzar at the foot of J.
  • It is encircled by a crenellated and bastioned wall with a fosse, and has four gates, named after Oran, Daia, Mascara and Tlemcen respectively.