Sentence Examples

  • The same dignity appeared in the grave beauty of his features, though the abnormal height of his cranium afforded an opportunity for ridicule of which the comedians made full use.
  • Regarding the Sperm Whale's head as a solid oblong, you may, on an inclined plane, sideways divide it into two quoins,* whereof the lower is the bony structure, forming the cranium and jaws, and the upper an unctuous mass wholly free from bones; its broad forward end forming the expanded vertical apparent forehead of the whale.
  • Each branch exits the cranium through a different site.
  • It appeared to have a very large cranium, small pointed chin, and skinny neck, thin shoulders and a skinny upper torso.
  • One human cranium which was embedded in a thick stalagmite deposit at the side of the chamber was left in situ.

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