Sentence Examples

  • The above account applies more particularly to Crania, but in the main it is applicable to the other Inarticulata which have been investigated.
  • - Diagram of nervous system of Crania; from the dorsal side.
  • When sculptured decorations were added they frequently took the form of imitations of the actual festoons with which it was usual to ornament altars, or of symbols, such as crania and horns of oxen, referring to the victims sacrificed.
  • The most important data bearing upon the first great period are given elsewhere in this work, and it is proposed to offer here a more general survey.5 To the prehistoric ages belong the palaeolithic and neolithic flints, from the distribution of which an attempt might be made to give a synthetic sketch of early Palestinian man.6 A burial cave at Gezer has revealed the existence of a race of slight build and stature, muscular, with elongated crania, and thick and heavy skull-bones.
  • Bones of bulls and male calves, especially crania, were collected and formed into huge ox-like mummies.

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