Sentence Examples

  • The common Oxlip is a hybrid more or less intermediate between the Cowslip and the Primrose.
  • The leaves form a radical rosette as in Primula (primrose, cowslip, &c.), or there is a well-developed aerial stem which is erect, as in species of Lysimachia, or creeping, as in Lysimachia Nummularia (creeping jenny or money-wort).
  • The flowers are solitary in the leaf-axils as in pimpernel, money-wort, &c., or umbelled as in primrose, where the umbel is sessile, and cowslip, where it is stalked, or in racemes or spikes as in species of Lysimachia.
  • Highflyer: Noble (D), Sir Peter Teazle (D), Skyscraper (D), Violante (0), Omphale (L), Cowslip (L), Spadille (L), Young Flora (L).
  • Contracted or shortened form (Umbel), Cowslip, Astrantia.

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