Sentence Examples

  • Of the Covenanter bodies the synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church has a theological seminary in Allegheny (Pittsburg), established in 1856, and the general synod in 1887 organized a college at Cedarville, Ohio.
  • To the last he protested that he was a real Covenanter and a loyal subject.
  • " Neither fair nor other means are likely to do with them " (the fanatics), says Baillie, principal of Glasgow University, himself a Covenanter from the beginning.
  • Charles, without first summoning the Estates, named his own privy council and ministers, of whom Lauderdale, long a Covenanter, came presently to be governor of Scotland.
  • Meanwhile, in London, the earl of Lauderdale, once a fervent Covenanter, was secretary for Scotland, had the king's ear, and would have restored presbytery, at least by way of experiment.