Sentence Examples

  • The property of Confederates might be confiscated, and in 1866 a constitutional amendment disfranchising all who had given aid and comfort to the Confederacy was adopted.
  • But the government of Bombay had hurried on a rupture with the Mahratta confederacy at a time when France was on the point of declaring war against England, and when the mother-country found herself unable to subdue her rebellious colonists in America.
  • The confederacy was from its beginning supported by the Roman see, though Podébrad after the death of his implacable enemy, Pius II., attempted to negotiate with the new pope, Paul II.
  • The branch of the Franks - who were a confederacy, not a people - which gradually overspread Gallia Belgica, bore the name of the Salian Franks..
  • It was at this time that the lesser nobility, foremost among whom were Louis of Nassau (brother of William), Philip de Marnix, lord of Sainte Aldegonde, and Henry, count of Brederode, began to organize resistance, and in 1566 a confederacy was formed, all the members of which signed a docu ment called "The Compromise," bywhichthey bound themselves to help and protect one another against persecution, and to extirpate the Inquisition from the land.

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