Sentence Examples

  • There are a clitellum and sperm ducts which though like nephridia have a larger funnel and a less complexly wound duct.
  • When wings are present, the fore-wings are small firm elytra, beneath which the delicate hind-wings are complexly folded.
  • The whole area of the state was formerly a complexly folded mountainous region of strong relief, which was 2 In addition the state contains approximately 2514 sq.
  • Now the kinetics of a medium in which the parts can have finite relative motions will lead to equations which are not linear - as, for example, those of hydrodynamics - and the phenomena will be far more complexly involved.
  • This deposition of bony matter progresses very rapidly, and although in young deer and the adults of some species the resulting antler merely forms a simple spike, or a single fork, in full-grown individuals of the majority it assumes a more or less complexly branched structure.

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