Sentence Examples

  • Thus, in the 6th century before Christ, Xenophanes of Colophon severely blamed the poets for their unbecoming legends, and boldly called certain myths " the fables of men of old."
  • ROSIN (a later variant of "resin," q.v.) or Colophony (Colophonia resina, resin from Colophon in Lydia), the resinous constituent of the oleo-resin exuded by various species of pine, known in commerce as crude turpentine.
  • MS. at Mosul, the colophon of which says that the Syriac text was translated from the original Greek " a Jacobo paupere, " evidently James of Edessa, in A.D.
  • Pp. 179-218.) Oracular responses were also given at Claros near Colophon in Ionia by means of the water of a spring which inspired those who drank of it; at Patara in Lycia; and at Didyma near Miletus through the priestly family of the Branchidae.
  • The same idea is expressed in the statement (quoted by Athenaeus, 569 d, from Nicander of Colophon) that after Solon's time courtesans were put under the protection of Aphrodite Pandemos.

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